On September 9th Roland revealed their next flagship VDrum module - the TD-50.

It comes either stand alone, as a bundle TD-50DP (upgrade pack) and with two kits - the flagship kit TD-50KV and the smaller TD-50K. Additionally the KV edition can include the new 22 inch bass drum A2E conversion kit - the KD-A22.







Roland TD-50KV / KD-A22

  • Flagship V-Drums sound module with Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • 400-plus dynamic and expressive instruments with top-quality sound
  • Three digital trigger inputs for connecting advanced Roland pads like the PD-140DS digital snare and CY-18R digital ride
  • Play your own WAV samples via an SD card
  • USB 10-channel audio out for multi-track recording through a single USB cable
  • Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs provide balanced connections to a PA
  • Metronome with Quiet Count plus audio playback functions for practice
  • Audio record function to capture and export drumming performances
  • Advanced V-Edit system to customize drum and cymbal sounds