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Simulating and rendering vegetation growth.
Our aim is to construct a skeleton based system for growing plants and trees and utilizing ik solvers for animating the vegetation. By using sliced volume rendering we hope to obtain an efficient visualization.
René Truelsen and Morten Bonding Granlund

Side project: Development utility package for OpenTissue. My goal is to create a suite of development tools as a ready-made template class for OpenTissue projects. Utilities include a GUI environment, OpenGL based On Screen Display, advanced logging class, and XML importers/exporters.
Morten Bonding Granlund

Realistic cloud rendering in real-time.
In this undergraduate thesis a hybrid lighting and coloring model is derived. The hybrid forms the basis for a real time metaball based volumetric cloud rendering method.
Morten Bonding Granlund

Advanced Inverse Kinematics for real-time character animation and rendering. Quaternion based method featuring customizable constraints for limiting individual degrees of freedom.
Sarah Maria Niebe, Morten Pol Engell-Nørregård and Morten Bonding Granlund
Realistic real-time animation and rendering
Realistic real-time animation and rendering. The project features a variety of effects rendered in real-time including volumetric fog, animated grass and reflecting, bumpmapped animated water surface.
Sarah Maria Niebe, Mikkel Bach Mortensen, Morten Pol Engell-Nørregård and Morten Bonding Granlund
Real-time multibody dynamics simulation and rendering
Real-time multibody dynamics simulation and rendering. The project includes collision detection, contact point generation combined with a hybrid impulse and constraint based simulation. The bodies are visualized using vertex- and fragmentshaders.
Sarah Maria Niebe, Morten Pol Engell-Nørregård and Morten Bonding Granlund

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Real-time Projects in Computer Vision and Image Processing. Real-time 3D computer graphics rendering, simulation and animation.